About Us

Our story so far

RFN Australia is the exclusive distributor of the exciting range of RFN electric bikes. RFN was born from pedigree history with 20 years motorcycle design and manufacturing experience, 200 million USD asset backing and a current production capability of 200,000 bikes a year. This World class motorcycle powerhouse has positioned itself to be, the world’s leading affordable electric bike manufacturer. Leading European brands are already secretly badging RFN bikes as their own, due to RFN’s highest quality and performance standards.

RFN is now available in Australia with a rapidly expanding range of electric dirt bikes, from mini to road registrable trail bikes, with full blown junior and senior MX versions landing soon. RFN Australia is proud to offer a range of highly competitive bikes that will challenge mainstream manufacturers offering superior spec, at affordable prices.

What the future holds

Electric dirt bike popularity is growing extremely fast in Australia. Affordable and practical electric dirt bikes open up an exciting future for off road riders, allowing new places to ride being quieter, offer lower maintenance and running cost, easier to ride, most importantly are just as much fun and capable as traditional bikes.

RFN is proving itself to be a world leader in affordable electric bikes, as it forges a reputation of being a trusted and reliable brand, offering the highest quality bikes at affordable prices. RFN with its state of the art, in house R&D and production facilities is actively developing new, class leading motorbikes that will send its competition into a spin. 

Watch this space as RFN releases ground breaking electric dirt bikes that will revolutionise off road riding in Australia.